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Reviews for "'DUCKS!'"

This game is absolutely quackers

Butzbo responds:

:V !!!

Team work

The art style is right up my alley, love the cute and rough but colorful ducks, and the music is also very arcane-y! However I really wish you can increase their movement speed a bit more (especially Bricky), it's quite frustrating when you almost finished a level but f-ed up at the very end, then have to control brick for 3 minutes to do the exact same process all over again. Anyway still an awesome game! :D

Super fun. solid 4 and would like some more. :) Additional levels with up to 5 ducks would amazing. A really nice little one for 2 players as well. Thanks dude!

Butzbo responds:

Woah, I never thought about it, but 5 ducks would make for some wicked stuff, hahah!, but if Zelda Four Swords worked, then there is a possibility; Also, 2-player puzzles would also be pretty fun.
Thanks for the feedback :)

Awesome game! The puzzles are really fun and all the little quirks, animations and sounds just make the world come alive. The only down side is that effects happen off-screen, which sometimes make you guess. a small disabeling of the main camera and switching to another would have made it perfect! It's an awesome jam submision!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks!, and yeah that's a good point, I originally intended the game to have more evident sound cues for those offscreen activations, but they didn't come up too recognizable, a camera pan would be ideal if well implemented, for an update on the game I'll be looking into that! :)