Reviews for "TriQ"

Pretty much ready for mobile multiplayer if you can give it a bit more polish and some music and leaderboards.

Minimalistic and while it feels that it could MAYBE do with an few light additions, at the same time it runs the risk of losing the wonderful feel I already get from this game. The triangle's design is simple but conveys enough information to make it clear how to play the game after only a few rounds, the gameplay reminds me of games like jenga and connect 4, simple but fun you vs. your opponent type games. The sound-effect only aspect during play helps emphasize the simple fun this game brings. Bravo, bravo!

I want to wish all fellow game developers and artists good luck in the Construct 3 Game Jam!

It was hard at the start but it just gets clearer while playing. Would download it as a mobile game.

Played on iPhone work perfectly awesome game.

Genial idea y funcionamiento, una musica suave de fondo y puede ir directo a la play store como un "zen puzzle". Felicitaciones!