Reviews for "TriQ"

Played on iPhone work perfectly awesome game.

It was hard at the start but it just gets clearer while playing. Would download it as a mobile game.

A bit hard to understand at first but once you get the hang of it this becomes a pretty fun VS puzzle game.

Could do with a bit of a clearer explanation of how to play

★ A unique take on the ever so common usage of the triangle in this years theme ! This reminds me of a mobile game, i feel like it would be perfect on mobile. Theres not a lot to crique other than not having music is a bit of a huge set back. Slap this on mobile with a playlist ? Cash money.

Good job !

ArfGames responds:

Thanks for the comment!
Yes, mobile is definitely under consideration. I wanted to take the opportunity of the Jam to test the gameplay and its appeal.

Will look into adding background music for a later update but wanted to keep things simple and rather abstract first so audio had to be more ambient or non-invasive.