Reviews for "Three Days Before"

it was a good touching short story

Very well done!

It's not really up my alley. In my mind, good art games should be games first and foremost, but with interesting flavor added to tell a story or evoke an emotion or what have you to make them an art game. In this case the platforming physics felt very stiff, movement seemed slow, and there wasn't much of a gaming experience to speak of which was made worse by the level with the rain cloud and fire where it seemed like the game was stalling just to drag itself out longer. Maybe a game that's more about telling a story than gameplay mechanics would be better suited for a top-down RPG type format than a platformer; IDK. It's not the game for me, but there are people out there who enjoy art games purely for the art and story, and this might resonate better with them.

★ I'm always a sucker for minimalist games that have a deeper meaning behind them. I love the incorporation of your little doodles during the beginning and the allusion towards 3's at the 'those three words are hard to say' portion. I adore the street signs with the messages on them, they give us hints on character personality and settles in the over all theme of the game. [ btw, classical music was a lovely touch]

Final conclusion ?
Keep at this project.
It has a lot of potentials.
Work on the graphics and work out the bugs, maybe add some sound effects or hire an artist to work on it with you.

bugs found : 1.
-- when you go off the screen at the hill portion of the game, your character is unable to come back onto the scene.

RhogerSato responds:

Hey! Thanks for the feedback!
The project was made on Construct3, so I'll have to remake everything on Construct2 if I want to keep up with the project.
I wish I could have done more, I mean, I had 2 weeks but started only 3 days before the Jam deadline. My bad haha!
All the best!

normally i dont mind short story games but you hae to establish a reason why she dies i the end. or set up that she is gonna die by catching up to her and having her say somthing dee that shows she is sad and scared of something existential. as it stands with all this bad psycological advice and confusing ending it just comes off as pretentious