Reviews for "Three Days Before"

I love the background art and the music. And the minimalist character art works well for this game. Sadly I feel this game has fallen short on its potential both for story and gameplay. For the most part the quotes feel like they're just... there rather than being a part of the story, with really only the final quote that hangs over the finale really fully resonating with the story. By the time the quotes on the other sign posts catch up to the characters their impact has largely been reduced. I'd strongly encourage you to reinforce the quotes as we encounter them, be that in the gameplay or the characters around them.

Aesthetically I love the background art and the music, but the animation could use a little more smoothing out and a few sound-effects could help certain levels come alive. I like the theme of regret for the things you didn't do, that resonates with me a lot, I hope if you pursue projects like this in the future that you can polish this.

I want to wish all fellow game designers and artists good luck in the Construct 3 Game Jam!

...Thank you...
work on a deeper story please next time
i like the metaphor being a split personality ...i do that too in my art
it got me all teary eyed about some shit im going thru its good to see the community is still alive and there for all as we are its not easy when you say something or not say something and find yourself masking it when how you really feel is like its over
...you gave me a lil hope :')... <3

RhogerSato responds:

I agree that the story is confusing and things happen without any reason. My storyboard had a lot more scenes that would explain everything, but the deadline got me x.x
I plan to add those scenes in the future, but I'm not sure when...
I'm glad I could make you feel better! I'm also going thru some shit and developing this game was a way of expressing myself. If you ever need to talk, feel free to send me a message.
All the best!

I love these games with a story... but I am stuck at the level with obstacles being the path. I cannot get past the fire... (Help???)

This is a great game... not buggy to me, and the music is beautiful. Well made!!

RhogerSato responds:

Try to move the rainy cloud over the fire! I won't tell you how, but find something that can touch it!
I promise that the last scenario is worth seeing!

really great game, i reall wish it had been longer, but i understand the deadline. but the area where you have to put out the fire frustratet me since there was no hints on how, and the birds were really weird to make hit the right place, but besides that its a really fun short 5min game, and its telling you a few good things along the game.

There's a life lesson for you! ;)
Interesting style with some simple puzzles, would have liked to see it developed further, but such is the way of game jams.