Reviews for "Three Days Before"

Not exactly a game, but you have a good story, maybe something personal experience?, and for the point, the music is interesting; just extend some the background storie and this can be a great hit, maybe in a sequel, for the movie this gonna stay in my favorities for a long time.

This is the meaning of every quote you said and i understand that, If you could please make another one. "I promise it'll be the last thing i asked you".

RhogerSato responds:

Hey, thanks.
I got plans for a remake to this one (with a full story), and plans to create other games with a deeper understanding and reflection (Spoilers of one of the stories I got in mind: How do the Wildcard/Joker feels being everyone but not itself?).
I can't tell you when... I got a lot of stuff to do at the moment, but I promise I'll create more as soon as I can!

All the best!

Damn ninjas cutting onions.

I like how you added narrative to a platformer and still left in some puzzles (like the fire.) Well done. I agree that the signs could be a little more prominent. The story is a little confusing, but it's also ok to be ambiguous and let the player extrapolate the story. The black and white artwork is appropriate, I think it would have been interesting to have the character meld into one at the end, under the umbrella, that would have been a nice touch (if you were going for some 'closure'.)

A very good game, 5 stars!!!