Reviews for "Kofi Visits Saddam"

Funny (^_^)

If I was annan I would have faked that I was leaving and then called in an all out airstrike on that residance mwaaa ha ha ha ha haaaaaa.

Either way 1 camel humping lamer down. And 1 fucking looser rag headed beaner 2 go mwaaaa ha ha ha ha.

And osama will not get thee handcuffs but a bullet in his fucking head once he is found. =)


Kick Ass

Great animation mixed with even better scrpit, something you dont see a whole lot of anymore. Keep up the great work.

decent toon

this is great, but one small flaw; there are more WMDs in this cartoon than there are in iraq.


Someone finally gets it... You nailed that one: true, funny, clever, one lump of anthrax or two? Ah, yes, I'll be giving this a 5 and nailing it to the wall of favorites.


Simply hilarious. Witty, clever... Rare stuff out of which to make a movie.

--Von Moss