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Reviews for "Kofi Visits Saddam"

Kofi would you like some Coffee?

This is a classic! This flash literature is one the best ive ever seen, only to be matched by your other Bomb Saddam movie. Well Done!
I especially like your jokes..esprecially that "Kofi would you like some...coffee?"
I laughed for 4.5 miutes straight!!!!

This fucking movie is awesome.

This movie is funny, because somebody finally made fun of the retarded U.N.

Not too bad

agak12? Shut up. Typical, "Oh yes, it's perfectly fine to flame Iraq BUT DON'T TOUCH MY PRECIOUS AMERICA THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!!!" America is just as bad as Iraq. Get used to it. I don't get at people for slagging off Britain - do the same.

Not too bad, bit laggy, though.


Why so dam racist on America! Make fun of Iraq all you want, but how can you mock the U.S?

Pull your nose out of George Bush's ass.

This WAS pretty funny even though it is pure American propoganda bullshit.