Reviews for "Kofi Visits Saddam"


HAHAHA!!!! Saddam is such a dumba**! Showing off all the wrong things. Also, the only reason I put a 1 for violence was the UN inspector in the acid. Anyway, congrats on getting into FOX. Haven't seen it yet on tv, but I watched the video 10 times in a row. #1!!!!!


Man to get a cartoon to be previewed on FOX news chanell is somethin to proud of good job and make alot more of your clips great job by the way it was funneer then hell lololololol


Dude, are you aware that a clip of this cartoon just got featured on the FOX news network?

Excellent cartoon!


good work

Damn Right, Oska

I've realized that Oska has some hilarious shit. I'd recommend that everyone have a look at this.

(Note to UROP: Shut the fuck up. It isn't our fault our country sucks. It's like bitching at China for having squinty eyes. Write a letter to Congress, but don't bother the citizens.)