Reviews for "The Playground"

cool game

cool game nice way you put all those keys in there i fines the game cool way you kill pricncpuly

Nice one

Man, i could really pass the game.Sometimes, i had to try and make it 2 or 3 times.But, analyze the situation.Then you will find the answer.And, when at the principals office, look thru the keyhole.


awesome game!i like shooting people in the game its fun.im stuck in the room where the princepals office is.and when i open the door i get shoot.so i say theres nothing to do there,or maybe there is i dont know.

I love it!

To get past the principle,don't shoot him. Shoot the thing on the celing above him.


How to kill the princible: Shoot the light above him, the part where it hangs.