Reviews for "The Playground"


So this one was decent but some better instructions and understanding of the game would be nice it's a fun game maybe too easy


Dafuq am I playing lmfao. First time I played this I was like 8

I thought this was just meh. There should have been music. Your other games are better. I especially think it's a bit too easy. Of course, it does have some unexpected twists and turns. I didn't know you were supposed to shoot the teacher.

How could someone with a ruler kill a guy with a gun? At least the sounds were nice. It was part point and click adventure too. I guess that did make it interesting. It's just too bland.


I love this game make more! It took me like 9-13mins to beat. I like the end when he breaks through the window and drives off. Great game. U get a 5/5. Keep it up.

Dude that was short but sweet!

This game ruled! The best part was killing all of those kids in the classroom!