Reviews for "The Playground"


this is one of my favorite games
its awsome
i love the part where you can kill like 30 students in one room

Very Linear, but fun

I'm a big fan of your stuff and thi si still as good as the others.

Not that good...

Ok,to those who say this is the best they seen in theyr life:GET A LIFE!!! a normal 3 out of 10

Best stick RPG EVER

This is an awsome game there are only 3 things that could make it better more items with multiple uses, more guns, and more ways to play (Eg. A screen comes up with what you can do A. Throw the baseball at the second guy Or B.Try to shoot them both Or C. Throw a grenade and jump out the window)


The was THE BEST STICK RPG I HAVE EVER PLAYED. The music and sound effects were really good and I liked how you got to kill children. The ending was funny and , it was just fun.