Reviews for "Mexicoke"

There's a handful of things that work well here: as you point out, it's anecdotal - very reminiscent of college days - from the know-it-all "Coke in a glass bottle is healthier" person to everyone gathering around to turn opening a bottle into a challenge. The "I didn't need to go home today" joke also killed me. The gratuitous gore/arm coming off was excessive in a perfect way. Nice job.

Funny animation

a lot of people i met stay away from those mexico coke glass bottles simply because they don't trust the water quality in mexico or sanitation though I'm not sure about it myself

also the bottle caps on those coke glass bottles aren't hard to open. Over half of the time you can just use your shirt as a cloth/rag to cover and grip around the cap and twist it off.

as for the table /key trick they aint doing it right....gotta get the key tooth to hook into the folded ridges of the cap to pull out gradually

And yes unfortunately while stores sell stuff, they don't have the proper tools or can't use their brains to think of a way to help....

This is weird the female main character sounds like a dude.

Hmmm...I had a similar experience once, that's why I never buy bottled coke, like never.