Reviews for "Mexicoke"

Heheheh that was pretty funny wasnt expecting her to be a dude tho

This is like my new favorite cartoon now omg lol

You're welcome bro

That was a cool Tomoko cameo, otherwise pretty good animation and art style

It´s good, not terrific, but good. I like the artstyle and the animation a lot, but the jokes are badly timed, some actions just take too long (and timing is super important in comedy :B). I also don´t get the point of the mexican coke, it was just kinda bonus information but didn´t really matter to the overall story...?

I guess this is just a personal thing, but I thought the voice of the main character and the shop clerk were really unfitting. I just kept seeing the protagonist as a chick with a dude´s voice :x

Bonus star for the stylish intro and that Tomoko cameo (I think?) at the very beginning though, try to improve your timing!