Reviews for "Mexicoke"

Bela is way too cute!
Yeah, I have always said that Mexican Coca-Cola tastes better to their USA counterparts i.e. Mexican plastic bottle, USA plastic bottle etc. But the best one has to be the Mexican glass bottle, the taste is far superior to any other one. And yes, to open them is way harder than almost any other glass bottle but with a lighter (or any other object honestly) and the right technique and practice, is easy to open them.
Great and cute animation by the way!

Aww man, as a Mexican coke enthusiast I can relate to this so much. Started carrying a bottle opener in my bag or a small one in my pocket wherever I go.

I've been taught how to use my teeth. You just use your canine tooth to get underneath the lid, bite down, and pull. Great animation though~

This ain't godda stop me for wanting back the old Coke glass bottles! Great job anyways! Just,mmm,work out for the voice acting next time . I know that this might have been made weird on purpose for the humor buuut yeaaah just that.

That's why you always should carry a lighter. One of the flat ones though, bic lighters won't work as well.