Reviews for "Mexicoke"

Why does Bela sound like a guy? And that thing with the table actually happened to me when opening a bottle of beer....... And it was a stone table. :'(

There's a handful of things that work well here: as you point out, it's anecdotal - very reminiscent of college days - from the know-it-all "Coke in a glass bottle is healthier" person to everyone gathering around to turn opening a bottle into a challenge. The "I didn't need to go home today" joke also killed me. The gratuitous gore/arm coming off was excessive in a perfect way. Nice job.

This is weird the female main character sounds like a dude.

Very well done!
The crude humor in this animation was handled VERY well I think. :)
I feel the voice work for some characters was lacking but nonetheless good work!

Haha! I love this! I had the exact same experience when I was on the road.
Bought me a bottle of Jaritos to share with my girlfriend but we couldn't find a bottle opener, so we used a corner of a lamp post at a parking lot. The lid came off.... TAKING THE RIM OF THE GLASS LID WITH IT. I had to throw it away because I suspected glass went into myd drink. ):

Good animation! Slice of life, silly, and great characters emotes. I like the backgrounds and feel overall. Great job! :D