Reviews for "Sadface - Still Dreaming(Colorless Mix)"

Duuuuuuuuuuude. I've been searching for this song ever since I saw the animation! This is amazing, very relaxing. Props to you for making some original beats. Can't stop replaying. <3

Hell yes. Can't wait to hear more!

very clear. mixed well. love the piano (sampled?) and the vocals. the Low-High frequency oscillation is well utilized. love that reverse snare/cymble around 01:02. One thing though, the outro ends a little abrupt and out of key signature flow. that is all. kudos too you though.

sadface-music responds:

Sampled? Hell to the nah lol. Wrote all instruments/vocals myself :p

As for the ending, the song's length was dictated by the animation it's being made for. I'll probably expand it to full version soon. Thanks for the review!