Reviews for "It's A Mad World, Charlie Brown (2017)"

that was amazing, honestly who hasn't thought she deserved it. everything was right on. . . . except the voices but super freaking close enough. cant wait for the next on :D

The crisp color really make the opening appealing along with the spot on capturing of the art and animation it parodies. But man, it's been a while since I watched something on here that was actually disturbing, using these characters and taking it where this goes is just freaky.

But like, I watched it all anyway. So great job.

Dude that was freaking amazing. The voices were good, the animation was spot on... This is amazing! I can't put it all into words...
Good job.

My god.
This digs into the essence of Charlie Brown's legacy and makes it contemporary.
It doesn't hurt that the art is polished into a high gloss. That was the first thing that struck me, before it got dark, that your work looked like the classic cartoons, but so much better.
And then the dialogue spoke so plainly and directly to real feelings and issues we grapple with, just like Schultz's work, but without having to keep it light enough for syndication.
This work verges on mastery. I'd love to see what you do with Calvin and Hobbes.

Wow, this really is tragic. The only kind gesture Lucy gave to Charlie Brown in his life was the medicine that ended up driving him insane. Kind of appropriate if you think about it.

I applaud the changes you made from the original. It really made the short come into its own.