Reviews for "It's A Mad World, Charlie Brown (2017)"

I was half-expecting Schroeder to show up intending to kill her while Charlie Brown was killing her.

That was dark, and yet beutifully executed. The music, the animation, the design...everything is top notch.

Love it, 5 stars because I'm very excited to see life in this project, been waiting for the sequel for 5 years so far :)

The remake looks made for a post-flash world, which does remove some charm of the original.

The remake is missing some good stuff of the original, most notably the bus trip to the forest and references to "the task". Did you change the story to be less about the evil ritual?!?!

An awsome retake on a classic. I enjoyed the twist of atmosphere.

Of course, EVERY good peanuts satire ends with Lucy being murdered. Just like every good Dennis the Menace satire ends with Margaret being murdered. And this is no exception.

You have to like Schroeder, for giving her the treatment that she deserves. She never deserved for anyone to love her. Schroeder is the only one who has any power over Lucy so you have to admire him for correctly using that power and giving her exactly what she deserves. What can you expect, bitch? He and Linus are CB's best friends. You think Schroeder would love you when you treat CB like dirt? How little you understand. Bros b4 hoes.

I hope he properly disposed of that bat. That's the last thing he needs, the cops finding it and finding traces of blood on it.

Incidentally, etcetera is abbreviated etc. ECT is electroconvulsive therapy. Which also is applicable to psychiatric help.