Reviews for "It's A Mad World, Charlie Brown (2017)"

I really did enjoy this but didt care for the creep pasta stuff. The art style and voices were amazing and Id love to see you guys do a real down to earth Charlie brown Ep. Any ways amazing stuff keep up the good work.

Looking back, Charlie Brown really was deeper than I imagined. Great story, and it seems to go beyond the traditional 'don't do drugs' to... something more! Animation's as great as the voice acting, and all in artful style too; with plenty of symbolism and unexpected elements. Looking forward to the next piece!


The animation is absolutely amazing! This was really enjoyable.

this is cool but the dialogue IS different. This is not Schultz. But its cool

This is a fantastic parody of Peanuts. The art style looks exactly as if Schultz himself had drawn it, and the dialogue, although darker than normal Peanuts, doesn't sound out of character.