Reviews for "Vac Jump"

wow you made it really feel like space time slow .. it was hard to get upgrades and sadly that made me not wanny keep playing also some times it lags and push to the edge if your in mid air with a increase difficulty making me over jump twice nah .. to boring

Just wondering if there's any reason you didn't use up and down for jet pack and stomp, respectively. No real reason to have to use two hands here. Interesting game though.

This is pretty good but the controls need improvement.

The controls could be a little less touchy, but besides that, this is a decent little game.

A fun challenging game....once you get past the initial grind. I'm not going to start over to see how big of an improvement it is that you no longer lose your gold when hitting the red platforms, but I'm pretty sure it's a huge improvement as the game doesn't really open up until you have your upgrades and grinding for the upgrades pre-update was a chore.

I think you should put the requirements for the different suits (I'm assuming it's based on certain number of crushed enemies?). I did feel dirty using the ghost skin but that also leads to disappointment in the other skins. The ghost skin is literally hax (and the first one I purchased), but going from that to the other skins felt like a major downgrade.

And that leads to my final observation on the hedge fund medal. In my run of ~458,000 I accumulated ~7,000 gold. To get to a million, I would have to repeat that ~142 times. While doable it would take a lot of time compared to the pick-up-and-play type gameplay. I was hoping one of the other suits would increase the amount of gold gained (keep in mind, as far as I got, the most gold per platform I got was +5 going up, +15 going down with the occasional safe +100 and crushing some bad guys at +20 and +50 from what I saw).