Reviews for "GPStudios 25K Subscriber Milestone"

I like it no matter what other say :D


Congratz for the 25k!!!


i feel like saying that there was a lack of motivation in this project :(((

0/0 big lack of motivation!

I loved this whole collab, I prefer this type of collab over the prototypical clip and test compilations. Gibb, Cethic and you are amazing as usual, and to be honest, I found DarkSignal to be pretty okayish, like, he ain't a bad animator by no means, he reminds me of Gabriel in a way, but I find Gab better than Signal. Anyway, I appreciate his contribution to this collab, and Manticore's 3d animation fucking superb, his part must be my favourite in this collab.

Overall, I really enjoyed this collab but there's something that irks me, it must be a very disturbing lack of motivation in this project :(((