Reviews for "GPStudios 25K Subscriber Milestone"

Actually a great job after 10000years.

This one had me squeal like schoolgirl. Ha-Ha! Great job! You had me hook to this so hard! I wonder if you're do a some colab with same way that you made this kind of animation. 2D into 3D then back to 2D. That would be epic if you continue do that! Great job!

EPIC. Everyone did a great job utilising their pro's and con's at animation, doing so led to a damn great animation! By figuring out what they were great at and what the were not so good at they improved, and that led to this being a *EPIC* animation. Doing so in the future could lead to greater content, but i don't need to say that. you already did so! And i advise all madness animators (or animators overall!) to give this method a try aswell! Sadly i cant give a 10/10 but i can give a 5/5! Good job GPstudios! (Overall animation: 5/5)----------P.S: Loved the ending!

Yeelon is the final boss?

Kelzad responds:


I loved this! Felt really like madness. I loved the 2D parts but the 3D part was by far my favorite, awesome :)