Reviews for "GPStudios 25K Subscriber Milestone"

I LOVE IT! 10/10 aww he dead J's ;(

Jesus christ dude, that 3D part was so satisfying to watch from start to finish. To be honest I didn't expect the animation to be that good when it went from 2D to 3D madness, but I was proven wrong, it was a pleasant surprise! Definitely my favorite from this collab.
But this doesn't mean I didn't like the other entries of course, you all did an amazing job on this. All entries overall felt really smooth when it came to animation, it was action packed as well which a madness cartoon should be!
You get a full rating from me because of the effort you all put into this collab.

Happy Madness day!

Pundit Mayhem

even the biggest badass wets himself when new madness work comes around

This was epic. I don't even have the words to explain how good this was.