Reviews for "Mater Infinitum - Part III"

From start to 2:35 is a calming startup

2:35 to 3:33 feels like the start of a battle getting ready to happen

3:34 to 5:11 feels like the calming endurance one feels once it is over and stares into the rain falling on their nose and feels so damn powerful and emotional

5:12 to 6:10 becomes the realizing moment that there will always be hardships and despite one or maybe a few battles being over, you have to keep going and pushing on for whatever you are fighting for

6:10 to 7:23 feels like dark times as a lot of horrible shit starts to happen around you with no way to fight back or stand up for what you care for

7:24 to 9:00 is the fight against the very bastard causing your struggles as you give it your all with friends in tow to make sure they are finally gone out of all of their and your life

9:01 to 11:11 feels like the foe gaining a second wind and fighting back much, much harder to kill you while laughing and finding it hilarious that you keep struggling to stand but you keep going because you know you need to

11:12 to 12:50 feels like the calming struggle of coping with the aftermath of what has happened and fighting your own demons and regrets and fears

12:51 to 14:02 feels like starting a new and being a total badass about it <3

14:03 to 17:30 feels like being a badass and knowing that you will continue to fight forth for what you fight for

17:31 to 19:51 feels like standing in the wind and realizing that the fight is finally over, you lost a lot that you cared and aspired to dream of in the ensuing chaos, you keep going and stay strong

19:52 to 23:44 feels like a celebrational piece and feels so damn uplifting and empowering, LOVE IT, makes me think of a potential hard battle to overcome and nothing is going to stop you whatsoever, great shit right here dude <33

23:45 to 24:59 feels a lot like the start of a final confrontation and victory, beautiful wind instruments and xylophone usage :D

25:00 to 27:04 feels like it is all finally over and the last bit of the final confrontation is becoming a curbstomp battle as you easily overwhelm the enemy as the weaken and continue trying to laugh at you but they don't have much longer left to live

27:04 to the end feels like it's finally over as you start to enjoy the battle coming to the end, victory in sight, and everything in life starting to get better and all the battles that come after seem like walks in the park

Overall, feels very much like a story like song, open to so many ways to be interpreted. Very beautiful end to a trilogy, I hope more future works turn out to be as glorious and wonderful as this piece is.~

Lashmush responds:

Wow, you really listened thoroughly. I'm glad you enjoy it! c:

Probably the most epic track I've heard on NG to date. Excellent work man, I can't wait to hear more.

Lashmush responds:

Thank you! c:

Wow this is your best audio track to date!! This speaks to my soul and for whatever reason it gives me an energy and a hope that I've felt I've missed as of recent. It's an incredible accomplishment Rasmus and I really wish the world could use the inspiration and direction you have given the metal generation.

Lashmush responds:

Thanks, man. I'm glad you like it. c:

I have waited for the part III for almost 2 years. I am not disappointed. The whole track is just beautiful, but that Ultima Eternus piece in the end was that blew me away. I fell in love with both Ultima Eternus and Mater Infinitum and it makes me sad you won’t make such grand and amazing projects again. For now I will keep updating my Lashmush playlist with your tracks and hope someday you will change your mind. Thank you for your music.

Lashmush responds:

I'm glad you enjoy my work and especially (spoilers!) that UE bit at the end. I suppose never say never with regards to returning to make an additional sequel but for now I'm officially on an indefinite break.

Thanks for the support! c:

This is a great end to the Mater Infinitum. I have enjoyed a great deal of your work. Thank you for bring more wonderful metal to NG.

Lashmush responds:

Thanks for the support. c: