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Reviews for "All Your Booze"

Amazing. Truly, amazing.

Perfect score, in my opinion. I mean, interactivity, some would argue that you simply just *don't* interact with anything, but this was better than all the other AYB spoofs out there... I mean, at least you get to click on "Play Movie".

This flash is perfect for people who have no compassion for hobos and people who are not offended by the slightlest things (ie. hobos and hitler).


hshahha holy shit that was funny!
all the hobos and everything great!


Oh man this has always been a favorite of mine!!! hahahahahahah I almost died laughing the first time. it's too bad this is the only flash you've ever made. i'm sure you still have some funny left in you.. huh??... huh!! cmon more! :D


You are talented! We need more of this stuff! Don't put your talent in your closet and not use it. Brighten up the world one funny flash at a time!

Such a stupid idea, but it FRIGGIN HILARIOUS!!!!

The beginning was the best part. Made me give you 10. (intentional bad grammar involved)
We get Table Scraps!!!
Move "cart" for great welfare
ALL YOUR BOOZE belongs to US.