Reviews for "Edgelord"

Well, that was awesome lol
Keep it up man
I laughed so much at the jokes

This had no right to be as hilarious as it was.
Animation is pretty damn awesome especially with its pacing. It's all dramatic, detailed and well shaded at the starting intro, and when it boils down to the edgelord being a emo teen it goes simplistic and cartoony.
Comedy is definitely something you nailed here with all the silly cliche edgy nonesense Mr. Edge Lord was spewing, but at the end he slightly drops the act as most "edgy dark teenagers" will.

I definitely wanna see more like this, it was two minutes of hilarity that I do not regret loosing.

LMAO! Edgelord is just trying too hard. Great job!


LMMFAO i'm weak with laughter it's to funny