Reviews for "Sonic the Hedgehog: A Dark Secret"

I loved the visuals but seriously dude get yourself some voice actors man, this was hard to listen to.

1)The visuals were on point, I would actually love to see a toon from you that has better writing and sound work

2) Terrible voice acting. I don't mean to burst your bubble cause you seem like you put a lot of work into it but it sounds like somebody is saying these things as loud as he can without waking up his parents. GET YOURSELF A VOICE ACTOR, MAN.

3)Random doesn't equal funny, it could b funny but a lot of the jokes were kinda dumb and memey, again this could (could, as in maybe) have worked with some better voice acting.

4) I really liked the joke at the end. it was great, good timing, great build up and nice punchline and I could enjoy it even though it was poorly voiced and it was a bit more well managed, right at the end of the joke you are kinda jumping on the random train again and the poor execution of the last line of dialog almost ruins the joke, it didn't which is good but it almost.

Again nice work with the visuals.

Narmak responds:

Thanks for the critique. I did have a problem with my mic that I solved after making the video in which the gain was absurdly high, resulting in me stifling the lines or have to say them very far away from the mic :\
But even if all my sound equipment was perfect, I do agree that working with other voice actors would probably result in a better animation.


What were you smoking?

Well, I blame myself for clicking on this, mostly.

the opening killed me... dood, that face

is prety lit