Reviews for "A pixel Adventure - The rising of Adenocarcinoma phase IV"

Did you also do the music yourself?

UlisesFreitas responds:

No the music is from here a https://gamesounds.xyz/?dir=OpenBundle

Very good game. It's huge,fun and not very repeatative.But there are few issues:
-bats,as yound said, barely visible.
-2 and 3 bosses kinda suck. Common monsters are more dangerous. 2 boss didn't try to hit me. 3 had hit only once.
-throwing weapons useful only for looting secret zones.Bomb can't hurt anything, except boxes.
-upgrades can't be afforded in early game. But if you will buy final ones, you immideately will become a terminator. It's a little bit imbalanced

Condolences for your mother. She could be proud of you.

I love pixel platformers, this one has a lot of potential and could be really fun so its a petty it has, imo, a few flaws:
- Because of the delay after each attack you can't attack then quickly jump. We can jump -> attack, but not attack -> jump. imo, the delay should only concern a 2nd attack and nothing else.
- Even if the sword passes clearly through an enemy, it doesn't kill. Looks like only the tip of the sword harms? This plus the short delay after the attack makes me uncertain of my kill. I kinda wait to see.. either I have managed, if not.. uhg! Frustrating. Maybe I'm playing badly but when I try attack a witch while falling, it somehow never kills. I have to first land, then jump and attack. BTW, it would be cool if we could reflect or at least block the spells.
- Bats are barely visible, they're the same tone as the BG, and can fly through walls. On some levels you don't see them coming at all!
- Ladders block attacks... so maybe avoid putting enemies close by?
- The upgrades are very expensive and most of all, are not mentioned at the beginning, so I didn't try to collect coins.
- The outlined capital letters explaining the controls are very hard to read.

- We can use 'Enter' to close the tips, so its a petty we still need to switch to the mouse for 'Let's Go' and 'restart'.
- Maybe some enemies could drop some health potions... that would be really nice.

Also how do you go back to the level select? How to pause? Where are the options to turn the music off?

The secret areas, the idea of upgrading functions, and the look are great. Ameliorated, it could be really cool so I hope its still going to get some tweaks.

Wow, this is a pretty cool platformer! The controls are very responsive and I also like the look of it.
Considering this is your first submission on here, I can only say that you did an amazing job! ;^)

Overall quite an enjoyable game that is also challenging. I was actually quite frustrated in the beginning because i was dying so much but once you get the hang of it the game become even more fun.