Reviews for "Iηнυмαη Eяrør"

Lol that melody sounds like Christmas. The start of it wasn't bad, I felt the melody got off sync when the drums kicked in though. The wubs (?) were pretty good as well, but it felt random. I assumed you used Serum? Nice placement on the drums as well. Overall it's pretty good.

larrynachos responds:

The realization that the song is dnb is jarring, but that was intended. I didn't use serum, the wubs were constructed in harmor.

Thanks for the review!

This was cool

Now this one had some nice sounds to it especially the background sounds that you added to it very real and made it all a better piece I do think it could be slightly longer and maybe have those backround sounds come out a little more but overall all this was smooth and everything seemed to come together perfectly

Could be longer and bring out the background sounds jump out more


Your song was featured at the same time mine was, but really, you deserve to be above me in featured content. Great job!