Reviews for "Iηнυмαη Eяrør"

Ahahaha, what a horrifyingly sad concept! :'D
I'm really glad you decided to make something for today!
This is a really satisfying listen.

The fairly abrupt ending is symbolic too. Well done, mr. Logan <3
Good luck, and Happy Robot Day!! :3

larrynachos responds:

I wasn't planning on making anything today, but they let me off work early, so I ran home and made this.

For me, I don't think it's sad enough, but eh. It kind of gets the message across. What would a robot think if it was suddenly brought to life with human feelings? I would think it would be elated, but when the plug was pulled it didn't have enough time to really understand what was happening and react appropriately.

Happy Robot Day!

For me, it feels like one of those songs you'd hear while Facebook shows you all these great moments in your life, your posts, photos over the years, etc.
A notstalgic throwback. But I do feel the robo-side of this track, and it has that emotion to it. Fave'd!

larrynachos responds:

I think most of my lighter songs have that facebook nostalgia moments feel to it. I'm glad you got the robo-side though! Thanks for the review, and happy Robot Day!

Wow this is really good! I really like the drums that kick in around 2:14, especially since I love DnB :D The melody is beautiful throughout too and it really does create a sense of wonder and bliss. Those wubs sounded awesome as well but they were fairly random.

I have no clue how to use harmor to make wub sounds as well I cri every time ;3;

I some how missed this track, sorry Nachos. Cool to see it in the top three line up! How did you get 180 downloads? I haven't seen that many downloads since back in the olden days. I'm lucky to get 10 downloads on anything anymore. I'm only slightly envious.

Airy, breezy, drum and bass. That reese was nice and juicy. Gotta agree with strykur, those drums that kicked in with the reese were nice and fat. I wish you looped it a little longer. Still, with all the change ups you managed to produce a really creative track. The concept behind it all tuned me in as well. Love!

larrynachos responds:

I have a track with over 1000 downloads I think (or maybe 10,000?). Geometry dash makes it really easy, but I think 180 people just really liked the track, because I can't find a GD level with my song id.

I try to keep my songs shorter, because people always shit on my tracks for being too repetitive. Glad you liked it though! I enjoyed your robot day track as well :D

Pretty trippy, but smooth and suitable. It all floats together nicely. Feels like music that could've been in a Mario game... or not. Not really. Just a similar style. Really like the industrial background beat too, and the flute... for a while. Favorite part's probably the jumpy synth around 1:50, and the dubstep that came after that... doesn't really flow with the rhythm I feel. Think that part could've synced better, just doesn't really match, but overall: great!


larrynachos responds:

I don't see anything wrong with the bass articulations. Listening again, they might sound like they come in a split second too late, but honestly I think it's fine or even better that way. A little imperfection to keep things human.