Reviews for "Iηнυмαη Eяrør"

Your song was featured at the same time mine was, but really, you deserve to be above me in featured content. Great job!

Wow this is really good! I really like the drums that kick in around 2:14, especially since I love DnB :D The melody is beautiful throughout too and it really does create a sense of wonder and bliss. Those wubs sounded awesome as well but they were fairly random.

I have no clue how to use harmor to make wub sounds as well I cri every time ;3;

Lol that melody sounds like Christmas. The start of it wasn't bad, I felt the melody got off sync when the drums kicked in though. The wubs (?) were pretty good as well, but it felt random. I assumed you used Serum? Nice placement on the drums as well. Overall it's pretty good.

larrynachos responds:

The realization that the song is dnb is jarring, but that was intended. I didn't use serum, the wubs were constructed in harmor.

Thanks for the review!

This sounds so awesome, this song would be great if it was used for a short movie or something :p

larrynachos responds:

I was thinking about making an animation to accompany it, but I'm really bad at animating.

I really dig the bit distortion in this. Sometimes it can come across as gimmicky, but it totally makes sense in this context and you complemented it with enough "clean" sounds that it didn't become tiresome. I think you accomplished your goal - this feels like the sense of wonder and excitement I could imagine from the first few moments of life. I also like how it just cuts off at the end. I was wondering how you were going to pull the story around in sound and I like that you didn't lay it on too thick. Good work!

larrynachos responds:

I figured everyone was going to make really bad vocoder tracks for Robot Day, so I wanted to go in a more clean direction. Since the song is about a robot with human emotion, I tried to make the song more "human". But, since the robot's feelings are emulated through mechanical and electronic parts, I slightly bitcrushed the arp to reinforce the sense that technically the emotions are artificial.

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it!