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Reviews for "Gwen Loop"

Wonderfully executed

God damn man this is fantastic. Typically when someone uses the word loop in their title they usually mean a looping animation about 10-15 seconds long. What you have here is a montage of wonderful sensual scenes. I'm really looking forward to your future projects. Also I recommend avoiding the word "loop" in the future. I almost didn't click on this because I assumed it would just be a scene of Gwen stroking her pussy with her hand in a circular motion and that's it looping over and over again but, the 4 star rating got me interested; and I'm really glad I clicked, content animated this well with decent quality audio in the adult section is a rare thing.

NOICE, like how fast she gets wet.


This would be superb if it weren't for the fact that it simply looks like a reskinned, recycled version of your Raven animation.

Still, my score is based on the fappability of the video as a whole so...