Reviews for "Ghost in the Shell - App Store"

Great little sketch and great little commentary on the terribly stupid app ecosystem that has emerged. Really illustrates how little these "free" app developers care about the user experience.

Voted 4 instead of 5 which was a dumb clicking decision, my bad. Does anyone know how to re-vote? The subtle eroticism and modern cultural sarcasm was giggle worthy. I could also sense respect to the parody original which was good. Fantastic comedy clip.


Genius. Just, genius.

Ghost in the Shell :Stand Alone Complex was one of my favorite animes back during my teenage years.
Thank you for bringing me back.
Ads are a fucking nuisance and everyone here can relate.

You got the characters likenesses pretty well.
The animation was good.

I liked this and thank you for bringing me back to the olden days.