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If this Was Real When I'm A Cyborg Heroine. I Would Be Really Careful When I'm Patience When I Downloaded An App And Even Watching Ads.

The "App Sore Stallion-Ashia" Upgrade Will Cost $ 14.99. It Will Remove Adds And Your Mascot Will Evolve Into A Ver.2.5 Once You Upgrade it. And It Will Give You 3 Exclusive Apps To!
Exclusive#1: Drone Builder
Exclusive#2: Adopt Adorbs Pets!
Exclusive#3 (Final App) (Not Free): Upgrade To Titan-Borg! Cost: $ 99.99.
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Halloween 7 kinda looks like Bebop.

Honestly I'm surprised how good this was. Whilst i do agree that it was brought down a bit by the jittery frames when Major was being fired on, everything else was very true to the aesthetic of GITS as a whole. I especially love what you did with the Fuchikoma as the shop guide. You clearly do care about the source material and it shows. Good on you amd keep up the good work!

This was very well done. The gags were good and genuinely funny, which is a rare sight these days. A few times the low framerate animation brought this down, and the voice acting also seemed a bit unpolished. I think you could remake this much better using the same script/concept.

Good animation and good use of the color palette, I liked :-)