Reviews for "Robot Junkyard"

I really liked a lot of the experimentation I heard. There were some super clean synths in there and the arrangement was flawless. The one thing I'd have done differently is the tone of the drum kit. I loved the effects on everything but that kit could have punched me harder with some more EQing, compression, or layers.The kit was kind of thin. It sounded like it was under a filter the whole time, don't be a tease. Sorry to meander about the drums...

I love Kamikaye's work, cool shout out! Always makes me happy to see people tagging each other. I'll believe you when you said this took a long time to make. Composing songs out of seemingly random noises takes so much patience. A chord progression can keep a song together but IDM, glitch, brain dance... those genres take patience. It requires balance between experimentation and composition. Neurotic programming. Good luck shadow dreamer :]

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks for the review and for the support :)

I'm glad that you liked my silly experimenting. This is very different from the usual kind of music I make, which is very heavy on chords, melodies, and arrangement. Especially since I mostly compose solo piano stuff :V
But I always found it fun to see what all I can cook together whenever I am given a reason to :D

I totally agree with you about the drums. I did compress them some, but I probably went way too soft with it. Drums and mixing are my greatest weaknesses when it comes to composing in general!

Yeah, I love Kamikaye's stuff too! Along with a ton of other artists here on NG. I atually follow quite a lot of artists in secret >:D
You are correct here too. Most of the time went into finding/altering samples that'd fit okay together, and figuring out how I wanted to arrange them.
That said, non-experimental tracks tend to take even longer for me to make, as I put a lot more effort into arranging and balancing the mix when I try to make something, especially if it's orchestral. I am relatively slow at producing tracks in general though, so it's no surprise xD

Sorry for the side note!
Thanks for the review, and good luck to you too!