Reviews for "Phantom Reverse #1"

My my bud, this is one hell of a story. Looking forward to the next episode!

Pretty good art, except for facial expressions that could be improved.

Nice start for the story, but a lack of real interaction, and it felt like it was way too short.

The music choice in "non-scary" moments is pretty bad in my opinion, should have been more calm and maybe a bit gloomy. I know that I'm not the only one stating this issue.

Off to a pretty good start anyway. Waiting for episode 2, hoping more stuff happens.

Very nice art and visuals. Was very pretty to look at.

Nice story, nice twists.

Lovely creepy atmosphere and monsters.

Music is overly loud and no volume control.

Choices are mostly the same and not very fun. Only fun one was the monster v info on him choice.

Would be nice to click through faster. I could read it a lot faster than I was allowed to click through.

The story was very nice, although the music throughout the episode was blaring into my ears, and there was no mute or volume button, so I muted my entire computer, which kinda ruined the experience. Sometimes the music doesn't match the atmosphere of the situation. Other than the music issues, this could become a very interesting series.

JackAstral responds:

I've heard from a couple people now that they didn't like the music - is there a specific part?

it has a problem while i was playing everythings going good but when i come out from home for school screen turning in to black plz fix it ;w;

JackAstral responds:

Do you mean it got stuck on a black screen? What platform were you playing on?