Reviews for "Phantom Reverse #1"

Concept reminds me of this show called Another, good work :)

Very enjoyable story. Also the art was cool too. Thanks for the fresh game.

"everyone . . . you're the only left"

if it would be in real life i would be like : " ._. uhh . . . what !? WHY !?"

JackAstral responds:


Not only is this not a game, and not only does the music make me want to kill myself it's so horribly chosen, but SCP-106 appears on multiple occasions with SCP-173's signature BWOM sound effect. I'll at least give you one star for effort though.

JackAstral responds:

It's a visual novel :-) The paranormal entity is just a shadow person - not a reference to scp. You find out more about it in the next episodes

I'll be changing the music at the start in the next patch due to popular demand

This is a very intriguing story! As of the making of this post, 3 more episodes have been released. I do have one complaint. PLEASE DO NOT RUSH. There are a few visual and grammatical errors scattered through such as "pratise" tests instead of practice. While I do want to indulge further and I am excited to open more into the story, I once again request please do not rush for the sake of completion. As the saying goes, quality over quantity.

JackAstral responds:


It's spelled "practise" in countries outside America :) (I'm from Australia)