Reviews for "Phantom Reverse #1"

Finally! I thought this game would never even get released,but the wait is certainly worth it. The current plot is pretty good,though it kinda SCREAMS of the anime Another in it,but still,it is pretty great. And what is up with the weather and storms anyway? Will it have any relation to the story? You could probably make the weather gradually worsen over the course of the game series,to reflect how the story takes a darker turn every time,maybe even make the storm cause a flash flood or a hailstorm. But enough of the meteorologic stuff,lets talk about the choices. I kinda have some concerns over them,as it was stated they will only affect dialogue and nothing else until episode 6. I would suggest you could make several points in the game where it is possible to perhaps save a certain character,for freedom of choice s sake. :D Or,if you already got it fleshed out,you could revisit the previous episodes and add meaningful choices to it after you finish the finale. That way,it would not affect the speed of development and it would make for a pretty good update. Anyways,overall,i rate it 5 out of 5 stars,and i am looking forward to see how is it gonna tie in with Zone Zero and Clear Moon,as i noticed the chronicle bulletin poster,which means it will take place at around the same as chronicle bulletin did? Anyways,looking forward again to episode 2. Sorry for this TL:DR post.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks <3

The story is going to be really cool I think - I've been planning it for a longgggggggg time. There's some massive twists toward the end ;-D

Ok i wanna write two messages one about game and one about people here
First the game is amazing like other of your work Jack. But now im really hungry to reveal more, cuz of much more secrets than before of your games. Well our heroes looks like they can just bein romance relationship with any second but i put into your plot :p

Secondary is about people complaning about ITS NOT A GAME
for these people PLEASE read author comment :
,,Find out as you explore this eerie, emotional and action packed anime-inspired VISUAL NOVEL adventure. "
Isnt hard right?
Well this is a GAME because you make your own choice here right? If put this into Movies you shoudnt do that like interact with This project
So stop blaming Author for not made ,,GAME" only visual novel. Im sorry, but you can play His past projects you will know more than now. His all games are visual novel. If you dont like it, dont score it

JackAstral responds:

haha thanks! I have a lot of twists and turns and reveals in the next episodes - going to be really cool I think. I love the ending I have planned - it's going to be a massive mind f*ck

I like the kind of sloppy art style that you have in games like dead detonation just because the game is more upbeat and lighthearted. But with games like this with a darker tone you should use a more detailed art style to reflect how the story takes lead.
Great game.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! Yup I decided to use a darker style to match the tone more - the scribbles in dead detention wouldn't really suit it lol

Nice Game i been waiting for this and you released it yay... :D.Even i like the logo of the game where phantom is normal and reverse is reversed ;).Even The Story is Good also amazing artwork .You know that this is soo amazing...it feels like chaos girl and chaos ecilipse...*sigh* i really missed those series ;)

JackAstral responds:


It is a novel not a game. The art work is ok but the conversations really are annoying.

JackAstral responds:

Yeah it's more of a visual novel than a game, thanks for trying it out anyway :p