Reviews for "Jumbie Kids"

I love it! the only flaws however is that there isn't any flaws to point out uvu

This story is absolutely lovable and innocent, yet creepy and suspenseful. The strategic use of silence was AWESOME!! I'm adding you to my favorites!

You really build up the mood! I like the style of light and color, how it's not the traditional 'darkness', but still a kind of cozy setting for a nightmare, creepy, but in an atmospheric and entertaining kind of way. Animation's smooth, the background spooks subtle; it all flows nicely, though the wordless communication between characters isn't always the clearest - gets clearer towards the end though, not so much ambiguity as to what each expression might imply. Nice work!


verna-c responds:

Thank you so much! :)

really nice adaptation with sound and animation also the theme really made it a little scary x3 keep it up

I enjoyed your story, but I loved your color palette.

I think you could have played a little more with the music and the moko jumbies, for example, making the drums a little louder each time the showed themselves, and then hiding again.

By the way, that's really fresh chicken that guy is serving hehehe