Reviews for "Jumbie Kids"

You really build up the mood! I like the style of light and color, how it's not the traditional 'darkness', but still a kind of cozy setting for a nightmare, creepy, but in an atmospheric and entertaining kind of way. Animation's smooth, the background spooks subtle; it all flows nicely, though the wordless communication between characters isn't always the clearest - gets clearer towards the end though, not so much ambiguity as to what each expression might imply. Nice work!


verna-c responds:

Thank you so much! :)

This story is absolutely lovable and innocent, yet creepy and suspenseful. The strategic use of silence was AWESOME!! I'm adding you to my favorites!

I love it! the only flaws however is that there isn't any flaws to point out uvu

Delightfully creepy.
Nice work on the suspence and the story.

verna-c responds:

thank you!

Big cute fangs. LOVE the way you animate. Sups