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Reviews for "H0PE"

Give yourself some credit. You did well.


Bad, disappointing, inferior? Absolutely, NOT. What you have here is a hidden gem. There is so much to praise about this submission. The excellent choice of soundtrack and art style immediately grabs your attention and keeps you hooked. The use of sound effects help give depth where it was needed. There are questions that were answered naturally that also left more questions that would keep you wanting more. Honestly the only thing that needed work is the characters, and maybeeeee the depth of the adult male. He needed some more to him to justify his immediate, "doubting," in my opinion. everything else was superbly done. I must again praise the backgrounds, they are beautiful.

Never tell yourself that this was a disappoint short film, it was amazing.

compared to other student films this is pretty good, i like the camera angels adn the over all direction.
some backgrounds are better then others, but thats just how it goes with these student films. I like your more resent stylised bg. the lowpoint for me was the rotoscoped animation, again sometimes it looked fine and other times not as much. the robot and the mosnter was among the better moments.
It's cool that you shared this, i haven't really had the balls to share mine yet, but hey maby now i will(probably not).
I'm not sorry for misspeling anything, i'm pretty lazy and i think you can figure it out.
cheers! will be cool to se your next prodject

I love this!,the design of the kid´s face wasn´t really that good but the animation,the backgrounds,the music is really awesome dude.Kinda reminded me a bit of blade runner or any sci fi movies of the 80´s and 90´s for some reason.Anyway you deserve all the stars my friend.

I Love It!