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Reviews for "A F**ked Up World"

100% TRUTH!!!!

A true love story here & donĀ“t you dare to close your eyes.

Speaking the truth, in masterfully musical ways! XD Would be awesome if you actually got some real artists to sing this like, like eh... Ed Sheeran and Celine Dion? That'd be pretty awesome, but not bad work with the song either way, it does have a pretty high tone and musical flow. Animations goes well with it, and that ending message. XD Do wish we'd fix our planet instead of trying to escape it and repeat our errors with the next one... but still, I'm typing this instead of doing anything about it, just like the rest of them. Entertainment with a moral.


Hilarious parody of aladdin lol

The end of the world made fun with a musical! (OK. It's not the end of the world, but it still is funny and relevant.)