Reviews for "More Joy Spring"

I hate to be a ten monkey, but...

Again, I'd like to know how you're making these. It's high quality stuff!

I'm dead serious when I give you 10's across the board, you deserve them! You are one of the very few worthy jazz players around newgrounds! I'm sure if you keep up this kind of work, people will turn to YOU for using easy-listening music in their animations!

Is this a tenor sax or what? I'm not good with the woodwind instruments. It's much lower in contrast to Blue Bossa, and you counter the tenor sax's low range with the piano's chord comping--it's really cool! It fills up the sound spectrum and makes this piece very satisfying.

Keep it up! I'll be checking back man!

Gizmo-Hall responds:

Once again, BIAB, the "at home" musician's friend. I'm actually playing bari sax in this one, my major instument at the moment. I'm using a HI-FI audix sax clip mic for most of my recordings.