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Reviews for "Silent Neighbours"

I really liked the game, even though it felt a bit short and ended suddenly. The music was great too. I hope that you'll make more like this in the future.

megakruts responds:

Thank you! It is short game though, but I hope you enjoyed and understood the story.

This was a pretty good game. I believe that he was already dead but he couldn't move on until he knew that his house would be safe, and that girl Clementine could see ghosts.

A pretty good game however I feel like it it could be polished and defined more. You could fix the walking animation and give more details like dust starting to settle.

In the beginning it was really confusing, I wasn't aware that you have to stand next to tv buttons, to interact with the tv. I clicked the tv numerous times while standing somewhere in the middle of it, and nothing changed, so I got stuck for a while, exploring the house. In situation like this, the slow character speed can be really pissing off.
On the other hand, I think that the fact that the character was a slow old man actually played a significant role here, gameplay and narration wise. Especially, since the game is quite short. Visuals ara standard for pixel games, music is fine, rest of effects (sound fx, animations) are decent. There's nothing really wrong in this game, but in my opinion it lacks some kind of clear climax, it's too short and the gameplay mechanics are pretty primitive. Anyway, good job. I believe you can improve with time and practice.

megakruts responds:

Thank you for your reveiw!

Not much of a game. No ending.

megakruts responds:

There is ending if you think about story - just try to get every piece of puzzle together and you will understand the meaning of the ending.