Reviews for "Madness: Project Mercury (Episode 1)"

You made a nice work with the character and the plot details and i will be looking forward to that.
However, the animation, while not that bad, is a little clunky, some movements look unrealistic and the slowness of the animation makes it a bit boring to watch. I'm sure that if you spend more time on your animation, making it smoother and look faster and a little more realistic, the animation will be great.
Keep it up, i'll be looking forward to your next work!

Prov22 responds:

Thanks dude, Hopefully I will made a second part for upcoming Madness Day...

Holy F*ck! :D This is really great work done! Only some layers were bad placed buuut thats only an detail!

You rock!!!!!

Prov22 responds:


It is good but why is slow?

Prov22 responds:

It is slow because... idk XD

Very good. Music fits perfect! Keep it up! :)

Prov22 responds:

Yea, thanks!
P.S. all of your music is awesome

Nicee, i gonna wait for the next part
(Try to make a bit more faster)