Reviews for "MIDNIGHT"

maybe its just me but i found this terrifying was playing with headphones but its the small light, especially when the man comes and all you can hear it that echoy sound.

is this an rpg maker game? because if so this is the best rpg maker game i have seen in a long time, good work

CjElliott responds:

Yes this is an RPG maker MV game, though it uses quite a few custom plugins I made, but you could make this game without doing any scripting I believe.

Thank you for the kind words, I am really happy you liked the game :D

I didn't get the medals when I found the letters, however, I will say this: The game has great audio (the backwards music when you die freaks my brother out I'll add XD), gameplay that I love, and even more interesting: This flash game doesn't lag on my Samsung Chromebook with 2 tabs open (and that NEVER happens for the record)! 5 stars definitely! ^w^

CjElliott responds:

Currently uploading a bug fix that should fix medals not unlocking, should be up within 10 minutes or so.

Thanks a lot for the kind words it really helps :) Though will say this is not a flash game, it just has a flash preloader while it loads the html5 game in the background :)

Nope nope nope, turn on the lights turn on the TV stay in bed and don't sleep...
Rather enjoyable game, well done.

Nooooooo I got them all but then my match went outttt, but hey, great game

Very simple, yet I enjoyed playing all the way through. Had a corpse party feeling to it. :P