Reviews for "Newgrounds Sim 2017 (beta V0.1.9)"

Faking needing help, not good.

Bit difficult posting to the BBS when it says you're either banned for 2 hours, or banned for -6 hours, or some other random interval I wonder is maybe based upon the time you visit the BBS (in-game) than what amount of time is actually left... feels like a fun game otherwise, bare-bones but with not in a bad way, all the essentials are there, and if you do unlock more things along the way then all the better. Would be more realistic if you actually lose money overtime, for food and rent and stuff, and couldn't just animate all day, go to sleep, animate, sleep, animate, etcetcetc, but so far I like it! Looking forward to seeing how it changes; improves, and hope savegames will still be compatible no matter what chances there are. Nice initiative bringing this classic back to life!


There is some kind of glitch with the time, now I have 72 PM... Good concepts though :)

ninjamuffin99 responds:

working on a clock fix right now, update will come later tonight!

Went to the internet and couldn't get out of there. No button to back out or quit it. Didn't manage to play much before it happened so can't exactly rate it though I think it's barebones atm anyway

ninjamuffin99 responds:

It's Escape to return to the previous screen, but I'll add in alternative ways to do that soon.

First things first - I don't really understand your time measurements - what is "20AM" or "24PM"? I understand you probably meant "8PM" and "12PM", but why was I able to go at work at those times then? Also the stamina bar is really poorly visible - it took me some time to notice it changed colours - maybe make it in more contrasting colours?
The game gets repetitive after time - I believe there should be some notifications when we get a supporter or something like that. I see you're planning some features tho, so I am just saying. I would add notifications for when I reach higher level of any skill - what is the difference between being lvl1 and lvl10? I didn't notice that the work would be faster or anything. Also the skill points are getting in a way of the second column (skill levels), which makes it little bit hard to read.
Idea of the game is nice tho - I like sim games and playing sim game on Newgrounds about being on Newgrounds is really funny.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

Alright I just fixed that annoying bit where the skill points got in the way of the second column real quickly.

The "24PM" thing is odd, I've never encountered something like that, but I will work on fixing that next!
At the moment the difference between LVL1 and 10 is you're more likely to gain more fans when you're a higher level, but eventually it'll unlock other perks/skills/animation types.

The game is definitely bare bones at the moment and I'm spending a bunch of time with little polishing and bug fixes and whatnot, but eventually it will get more features and make itself different than the old Newgrounds SIM.

Thanks for all the feedback, I REALLY appreciate every bit of it!