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Reviews for "REBIDENT EBIL"

i ever play this game but i like it and i never want to get shoot in the dick
that will hart like hell

This is probably one of the most hillarious things I have seen for a while. Have not laughed this hard in days. Great work guys :D

I thought this was incredibly stupid the first time I saw it, then I bought the game and found out Jill actually is severely disabled, as crazy as it sounds

The animation was a little funny sometimes

fast paced, over the top, silly music in the ending, everything about this animation is simply perfect; good job!

Very nice

So very nice stuff here I thaught the jokes we're pretty good infact they were really good and I thaught the animation was very nice indeed as for improvement not sure at all this was pretty good stuff I really liked how this played out and was very impressed with things so nice job indeed keep up the great work

Maybe some more jokes because that was pretty good stuff