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Reviews for "REBIDENT EBIL"

I see where people could hate this. I on the other hand love it. little bit of up a little bit of down

Oh I get it. It's not making me laugh, but I get it.

It makes me glad to see that people are finally realizing that this style of parody is completely unfunny garbage. There is nothing funny about giving characters retarded facial expressions & reducing every syllable in a sentence down to gibberish. What moron came up with "REBIDENT EBIL" for the title?

I can bet dollars to donuts that the only reason you took this key jingling approach is because you saw other hacks like Oney, Spazkid & Screwits do it with unwarranted success. It's like the olden days of fanmade Awesome parodies, only those were made in earnest fandom & not a calculated measure of coattail riding.

That would explain why instead of making jokes about things that happen in the game, you invent all new non-canonical shit that never happens. Why is Jill wheelchair bound? Why is Chris an oblivious spastic? In my day, parodies were written to satirize something that was true to the property in question. At no point do you satirize anything that's exclusive or even relevant to Resident Evil. You could've taken the same script and replaced the Resident Evil cast with wholly original characters and it would've made absolutely no fucking difference. You could've even kept the same character names & I still wouldn't have any way of inferring it ever had anything to do with Resident Evil.

What point is there in making a parody when the content is so utterly divorced from the source material?

PhantomArcade responds:

Definitely a warranted observation! Though I've also never been huge on parodies that feel exclusive to only fans. If I'm going to take the time to make a cartoon, I'd like for anyone to be able to have fun with it while also tickling fans. I would have liked to think that RE fans could enjoy it even with friends who don't know the source material.

Definitely something to consider going forward, thanks anyway!

And this, children, is a case of where we label this as "trying too hard and failing."


PhantomArcade responds: